Fresh Water Services

  • 20 miles in Wells Ranch
  • 10 miles in East Pony
Throughput Capacity

160 Bbls per minute in both Wells Ranch and East Pony

Storage Capacity
  • 500,000 Bbls in Wells Ranch
  • 550,000 Bbls in East Pony
  • 230,000 Bbls in Mustang
As of June 30, 2016
We provide fresh water distribution and storage services that are integral to drilling and completion operations.Our existing fresh water systems contain an approximately 30­ mile fresh water distribution system made up of permanent buried pipelines, 10 miles of which service the East Pony IDP and 20 miles of which service the Wells Ranch IDP. In addition, our fresh water systems include fresh water storage facilities, temporary pipelines and pumping stations to transport fresh water throughout the pipeline networks. These systems are designed to deliver water on demand to hydraulic fracturing operations and reduce the costs of transporting water long distances by reducing or eliminating most trucking costs.noble_info_water-systems*Conceptual Diagram, not a depiction of product flow