Safe, responsible operations with an unwavering commitment to protect people, the environment and the communities where we operate.

At Noble Midstream Partners, we believe that an individual and a collective commitment are necessary to protect the safety of oneself, coworkers and the community. Everywhere we work, in everything we do, our community involvement is guided by the principle of creating sustainable value. Our initiatives in each community are as distinct as the local cultures. We share the commitment of our sponsor, Noble Energy to continually improve our performance and reporting. Read more about the sustainability commitments of our sponsor Noble Energy HERE.

Safety and Health

In addition to ensuring the protection of our workers is always the priority, our operations are regulated by various state, local and federal authorities. We share the practice of our sponsor – Noble Energy - to be transparent in our operations and safety, health and environmental efforts.


Working together, we can have a strong energy sector and a clean environment. Our commitment to contribute to both is reflected in our operations every day.